Our Support Independents pin is a celebration of everything we stand for. It's where we came from - four friends working in living rooms across Birmingham - and we're proud to be part of a thriving community of independent retailers. 

This page will be dedicated to some of our favourite indies. Check them out, and if you're as excited by them as we are, show your support by giving them some business. 

We'll be adding new businesses all the time, so keep checking back!



A regular at foodie events around the city and stocked in the region's best eateries and shops, it's highly likely that you already know about Pip's Hot Sauce. Since creating up the first batch of La Boca del Diablo, the Second City's Queen of Condiments has released several more hot sauces and ketchups, to critical and commercial acclaim.

Pip's sauces are as much an ode to Birmingham's creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as they are to it's long lasting love affair with spicy food. Take the aforementioned La Boca del Diablo for example.  Cooked up in Kings Heath, it's artwork was designed in Moseley and the sauce was discovered  and purchased en masse by Harborne’s The Plough, after the manager saw her topping off a pizza with her own hot home-brew  

We're such big fans that we we recently teamed up with Pip on the extremely limited edition Peaky Blinder hot sauce and pin combo. We're very proud of this collaboration and perhaps a bit biased, but hand on heart, we think this is her tastiest sauce yet. Check it out here and spice up your Valentine's Day. Use the code #lovepips for 10% off,


Bug 2.jpg

Birmingham  is famous for its Jewellery Quarter, and who do we have to thank for that? Our local jewellers of course! Ellie Ingram graduated with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at the School of Jewellery and set up a workshop called BUG in the JQ. So far so good, but how do you stand out from the crowd in Europe's largest concentration of businesses involved in the jewellery trade?

Well, if you’re Ellie, you use traditional silversmithing techniques to create minatures of ‘life’s little wonders’ that not only show off her great sense of humour but also her outrageous talent for bending bits of metal into pretty shapes. From the humble cassette to the essential cup of tea, there’s something for everyone at BUG. We mean that figuratively, but it's also literally true as there is the option to personalise items and bespoke pieces can be created upon request.

The BUG website showcases some amazing product photography, but we thoroughly recommend keeping your eye on her upcoming events page, as her stall is a work of art. Treat yourself or make someone’s Valentine’s Day extra special here.



It must be exhausting to be Ross Jukes. He has probably explored every inch of the city centre in search of undiscovered angles, he’s constantly looking for new inspiration and he’s regularly up at 4am in an attempt to capture the perfect ‘Brumrise’.

We have been fans of Ross’ for some time and found our stalls next to each other at the first Independent Birmingham festival. All day we watched people queue to view and buy pieces from his incredible body of work, which captures sights across Birmingham and beyond. Equally inspired by the hustle and bustle of the city and the serenity of pre-dawn streets, iconic locations and hidden spaces, morning light and moody black and white shots, Ross has produced something for everyone.  

You can help support a local creative independent by buying prints, calendars, vouchers and even a one on one photography tutorial on the topic of your choosing, here



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Birmingham is a city full of coffee shops and cafés, and in such a competitive environment you need something special to stand out. Something like being the only café in the heart of the city with its own in-house coffee roastery, for example. Quarter Horse source and roast a variety of green coffee beans from all over the world to create ever-changing, rich and fragrant blends, selling them in store as steaming hot cups of joe, or to take away as beans in 250g bags.

Offering a range of seasonal breakfast and lunch options that incorporate an impressive selection of vegan friendly goods, there's plenty on the menu to compliment your freshly roasted brew. If you’re interested in perfecting the art of good coffee at home you’re in luck, as a myriad of brewing equipment is also available to buy. You can visit the Quarter Horse Café at 88-90 Bristol Street or buy coffee beans, monthly roast subscriptions and equipment online here.



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As Brummies, we already see our home in a different light to the rest of the country. But even rose tinted spectacles can't compete with the heavenly visions that Alexander Edwards conjures of the second city. Under the guise of Brumhaus, he strips our city's landmark buildings and iconic skyline to their most recognisable elements before emboldening them with captivating patterns and striking typography.

Since his first work as Brumhaus in November 2014, Alexander has consistently eschewed genre classifications and with each new look at our fair city, has gained a loyal and rapidly growing fanbase. Brumhaus pieces are available to buy in a range of formats, from the classic prints to mugs, bags and cushions. Click here to see more of Alexander's work and support a local creative independent. 



Joe Schuppler, founder of  Independent Birmingham .

Joe Schuppler, founder of Independent Birmingham.

Joe Schuppler is something of a legend in Birmingham. In 2013 he founded Independent Birmingham, a guide to the best indie retailers, restaurants and bars our city has to offer. The mission was simple: to reignite the passion of those living and working in Birmingham for the city's hidden gems.

That mission is still central to Joe's outlook, but IB has grown to be more than just a guide: it's the beating heart at the centre of the city's thriving independent movement; the glue that holds us all together. 

Today, the IB membership card has over 16,000 members who enjoy all sorts of discounts and freebies at the very best small businesses Birmingham has to offer. You can sign up for your card here, and enjoy the offers it provides (many of which apply to the businesses that will be appearing on this page!). Also keep your eyes peeled for news on their legendary festivals, which are famous for selling out ridiculously quickly.