welcome to The pin graveyard

This is where you'll find all our sold out exclusive designs, gone but not forgotten. Check out the Store for our latest lapel pins and more.

pin 006: “wedding favour”


Two of our closest friends, Laura and Andy, tied the knot in June 2016. Our gift to them was 100 bespoke pins which they gave to guests on the day to add to the glamour already on display. 

We wanted to give them something stylish which wouldn't be out of place on the lapel of a tailored jacket, but which equally captured the bride and groom's shared spirit and much loved sense of fun. The pin featured the date in Roman numerals as well as their initials, a bunch of grapes and an apple separated by a crossed pair of drumsticks (Andy's instrument of choice). Why grapes and apples, you ask? Well, because Laura isn't shy of a glass of wine here and there, and Andy is partial to a crisp cider from time to time...

Credit goes to C&G Weddings for the photos. You can check out their excellent work here.

pin 005: “birmingham central library”

launched: 25 february 2016
1.25" hard enamel, black-dyed nickel finish
designer: claire hartley

Our tribute to a dying brutalist masterpiece, the Birmingham Central Library pin came about as a collaboration between Pin Game, the awesome online editorial/all-round Birmingham zeitgeist machine I Choose Birmingham, and the designer of their beloved masthead, Claire Hartley. 

At 500 pieces it was easily our most ambitious limited edition pin yet, but it saw us partner up with some of our hometown's most progressive independents including Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the IKON Gallery, who both bought in stock to sell in their gift shops. The building may be gone, but the pins live on.

Pin 004: “Love Train”

Launched: 08 January 2016
1.25” soft enamel, black-dyed nickel finish
Designer: Pin Game UK

This was one of our very first ideas at Pin Game, but we saved it up knowing we wanted to do something special. We pushed the boat out with nine colours, glitter-filled lettering and love hearts, back stamping, laser-etched sequential numbering, and a bespoke backing card. It was clear the efforts had paid off after just 22 hours when the limited run of 100 pins had completely sold out.

Pin 003: “Wasteland”

Launched: 07 November 2015
1” soft enamel, ETCHED antique silver finish
Designer: Pin Game UK

When we’re not designing pins, there’s a good chance you’ll find us wandering the post-apocalyptic landscapes of The Commonwealth or the New California Republic.

Our tribute to a Fallout (a gaming favourite here at Pin Game), Wasteland was designed with a grimy, retro feel in mind. The stark contrast of a queasy yellow against the antique silver finish helped us achieve this, and the etched sections added a 3-dimensional depth which made for a unique and interesting pin. 

Pin 002: “Day of the Darth”

Launched: 01 November 2015
1.25” hard enamel, nickel finish
Designer: Pin Game UK

We stepped up the ambition for our second pin with a highly detailed Star Wars and Dia de los Muertos mashup. Day of the Darth proved an immediate success, and thanks to a feature in the awesome I Choose Birmingham, a vast proportion made their way into the hands of fans in our beloved home city.

Pin 001: “Libertarian”

Launched: 01 September 2015
1” hard enamel, gold finish
Designer: Pin Game UK

Our first ever pin was a Ron Swanson-inspired portrait conveying maximum manliness and grumpiness in one little gold-trimmed package. As big fans of Parks and Rec, bacon and Nick Offerman, we couldn’t think of an idea that better fit our ethos of designing pins that we ourselves would love and wear.

We aimed to sell them over a six month period before moving on to design number two – they sold out in under a week, and one even made its way to the big man himself.