Our Support Independents pin is a celebration of everything we stand for. It's where we came from - four friends working in living rooms across Birmingham - and we're proud to be part of a thriving community of independent retailers. 

This page will be dedicated to some of our favourite indies. Check them out, and if you're as excited by them as we are, show your support by giving them some business. 

We'll be adding new businesses all the time, so keep checking back!



Joe Schuppler, founder of  Independent Birmingham .

Joe Schuppler, founder of Independent Birmingham.

Joe Schuppler is something of a legend in Birmingham. In 2013 he founded Independent Birmingham, a guide to the best indie retailers, restaurants and bars our city has to offer. The mission was simple: to reignite the passion of those living and working in Birmingham for the hidden gems it has to offer.

That mission is still central to Joe's outlook, but IB has grown to be more than just a guide: it's the beating heart at the centre of the city's thriving independent movement; the glue that holds us all together. 

Today, the IB membership card has over 16,000 members who enjoy all sorts of discounts and freebies at the very best small businesses Birmingham has to offer. You can sign up for your card here, and enjoy the offers it provides (many of which apply to the businesses that will be appearing on this page!).